Tri-Loppet Kubb Tournament 2013 Round Robin King Pin v. Kubbchucks

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Event Tri-Loppet Kubb Tournament 2013
Team A King Pin WINNER
Team B Kubbchucks
Match date 2013/06/29
Location Minneapolis, MN
Pitch surface Grass
Called on time False
Exclude from stats False
Bracket Round Robin
Tournament stage Round Robin
Group [[Has group::Has group A]]
Bracket row

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Stats for King Pin:

Match count: 37

TrueSkill Before: 30.0347 (μ35.4581 σ1.8078)

TrueSkill After: 30.2336 (μ35.5907 σ1.7857)

Stats for Kubbchucks:

Match count: 23

TrueSkill Before: 20.2081 (μ27.7297 σ2.5072)

TrueSkill After: 20.1417 (μ27.4749 σ2.4444)

Match stats:

Match weight: 50.2428

Match delta: 9.8266

Is upset: No

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