Stapp King

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Eric Anderson with Stapp King
The Stapp King is the trophy maintained by the US National Kubb Championship. The Stapp King was introduced at the 2012 tournament the night before the event started. Eric Anderson unveiled the Stapp King to attendees at the Eau Claire Fire House.
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Stapp King at Eau Claire Fire House.

The Stapp King weighs 20 pounds or 9 kilograms. It is 11 inches or 28 centimeters square at the base and 40.5 inches or 1 meter tall.


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Ethan Stapp working on Stapp King.

The Stapp King was made by Ethan Stapp of Helena, Montana and is named after him.

Teams listed on Stapp King

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Zachary Brown of Kubbsicles holding the Stapp King.

The winners listed on the Stapp King are:

Holy Guacemoles

San Diego, California
Emily Connell   Kevin Connell

Peanut Butter Root Beer Snakes

Duluth, Minnesota
Daniel Carlson   Ryan Whitney   Keith Yanes

Savage Stick Flickers

Savage, Minnesota
Rob Miller   Stephanie Miller

The Ringers

Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Aaron Ellringer   Dave Ellringer

Team Knockerheads

Des Moines, Iowa/Leavenworth, Kansas
Josh Feathers   Dwayne Ballmer


Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Mark Blazel   Zachary Brown   Max Sebesta

The other three sides of the Stapp King are currently empty, presumably to place plaques for future champions. The Stapp King should accommodate 9 champion panels on each side, accommodating a total of 36 years. The last year that a winner will fit onto the existing Stapp King will be 2042.