John Kubbar Mellencamp

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Playing since 2012. From Minneapolis, MN.

Part of Minnesota Kubb

12 wins and 10 losses. Last recorded match on [[Has last match date::Match date 11 July 2015... further results]].

Kubb Power Index


Planet Rank

198 / 1955

Country Rank

Flag of the United States.svg 110 / 354


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Lee Hulkonen

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Christian Dahlager

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Jesse Stensby



John Kubbar Mellencamp is associated with 9 events.

Captain Ken’s Kubb Tournament 2015
Captain Ken’s Loppet Kubb Tournament 2016
Minnesota Kubb Loppet Tournament 2013
Minnesota Kubb Loppet Tournament 2014
U.S. National Kubb Championship 2015
U.S. National Kubb Championship 2016
US National Kubb Championship 2012
US National Kubb Championship 2013
US National Kubb Championship 2014

John Kubbar Mellencamp have been recorded in 0 games.

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