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Playing since 2013. From Minneapolis, MN.

Part of Minnesota Kubb

5 wins and 7 losses. Last recorded match on [[Has last match date::Match date 1 February 2014... further results]].

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[[Has background::We tried something different for the 2013 Loppet Winter Tournament, but it may be something we'll do again. The team was named in honor of "The BFF House" that all of the members this team "lived" (to some extent) in at one point. Anders and Jake are the only players who committed to playing the whole tournament. We invited the other players, who we knew would undoubtedly be around for some of the tournament, to play with us whenever they'd like. This was unconventional but is not strictly prohibited by the rules. Only a portion of us played the round robin, but we were a full 6 person team for the rest of the Brackets and Tied for 4th in the consolation championship. For the 2014 Loppet tournament, we should start out the round robin with Josh, but play most of the day with just Jake and Cole unless someone decides they want to play with us at the last minute.]]
Kubb Power Index


Planet Rank

290 / 1955

Country Rank

Flag of the United States.svg 160 / 354


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Cole Vryens

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Josh Dibley

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Shaun Laden

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Megan Gamble

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Anders Thorstensen

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Jake Freeberg


Minnesota Kubb Loppet Tournament 20133rd / 4th place in the Consolation BracketDidn't realize there was one more game, so it could have been 3rd...


The BFF is associated with 2 events.

Minnesota Kubb Loppet Tournament 2013
Minnesota Kubb Loppet Tournament 2014

The BFF have been recorded in 0 games.

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