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There are many variants to the standard rules of Kubb.

4 to Start

The starting team throws 4 batons only on their first volley.

5 to Start

The starting team throws 5 baton only on their first volley.


If a team makes a legal attack on the King and fails to topple it, their turn immediately ends and the opposing team is allowed a single legal attack at the King and an opportunity to win the game, regardless of how many Field Kubbs or Base Kubbs they have remaining.

Down Means Down

If a kubb is struck and tumbles, but ultimately comes to rest standing up, the kubb is not considered down in this variant. If the kubb comes to rest standing up but out of bounds, slide the kubb so that it becomes in bounds to the point it left play.

Field to 6 Meters

This variant shortens the pitch, and makes for more baseline hits per baton, which can speed the game up.

Mortal Kubb

Remove from play toppeled field kubbs. Kubbs are only thrown once into the upfield. This can be combined with Towers to make kubb a 5-15 minute game.

Resurrecting King

If the king is prematurely toppled, the teams doesn't lose the game, they only lose the rest of their turn.

Rockford Variant

Similar to Towers, but in this variant instead of stacking the kubbs, kubbs that are thrown and make impact are simply setup touching each other.

Serial Kubb

Accidentally toppling a baseline kubb prior to toppling all the field kubbs ends your turn.


When field kubbs are thrown, if they make contact with another field kubb, stack the field kubbs in a tower. If a kubb knocks the tower down, add the thrown kubb to the tower.

Viking Chess

A baselines and advantage lines is replaced with base and advantage "points" from which you can throw from. You may only throw from a point directly behind a kubb.

William Tell

Place a can of beer on the king. To win the game you must hit the can, and NOT topple the king.