Where to buy Kubb set

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Where to buy a Kubb set?

United States

Official Tournament Sets

Nearly all kubb tournaments in North America use a set from one of these suppliers (listed in alphabetical order):

Country Kubb
Country Kubb is the official set provider for Burning River Kubb's tournaments in Ohio.
JP's Backyard Games
JP's sets are used at the U.S. National Kubb Championship, held in Eau Claire, WI. They are also the sets donated through the Steven Anderson Kubb Set Grant
Kubb Farm
Kubb Farm is a sponsor of many kubb tournaments and donates kubb sets to schools and organizations. Kubb Farm can be reached at (715)864-2162 for direct sales and support.
The MadWood sets were used at the 2012 Dallas Kubb tournament and were sourced through Kubb Farm.
Old Time Games
The original sets that most tournaments used, but are now diversifying from.
Play Yard Games
Play Yard Games sets are used at all Great Lakes Kubb (Northern Michigan) events and tournaments.